exciting news for Echoes of Mermaids

So Echoes of Mermaids has some very exciting news!

Ever find yourself so overwhelmed by gratitude and the feeling of belonging that your entire body fills with goosebumps?

I never felt that till the word Autism came into my life as a reflection of myself. And it took many months for me to really peer at my reflection and see myself for the first time. But when I did? Better than waking up from a 3 day coma. Better than the first anything in my life.


Do you see what I am reading in the picture?

I can’t even believe it myself. For so many reasons. It’s not even out yet! I have an advanced uncorrected proof. Someone pinch me!

Somehow I’m going to attempt to tell you all though because I’m getting to review Steve Silberman‘s much anticipated book, “NeuroTribes” for The Thinking Persons Guide to Autism, and I can’t even type that without full body chills and my eyes filling with tears.

Need to wipe them away! Can’t finish reading it this way! 😀

Wow, right? The forward is by Oliver Sacks. Another teary eyed moment. Realising I get to share a space with him on Steve’s journey? Just amazing.

I’ve had to fight a huge battle with feeling worthy to do this. I’m not totally there, but I can’t let this opportunity go by. So forward I go. I’ve gotten the introduction written and pages of notes!

If you are Autistic, love someone who is, are a teacher or support worker and especially those who don’t fit into any of these categories – then you’ll want to order a copy of this book. Just click the picture below and you can see the options on Amazon.

Okay, back to it! Let me know what you think or if you are going to read it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

[ UPDATE ] – Review done —> “How We Autistics Got to Here: Reviewing Steve Silberman’s NeuroTribes