This art piece is my interpretation of Imbolc. The Sun is becoming stronger, waves of heat and light flowing from its centre. A single green leaf to represent hope and the return of life once again.  And the Full Quickening Moon offering her light to the dark and the first stirrings from winters sleep. This is a photograph of the original with border, title and copyright added for online viewing.

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Original Artwork (c) Patricia George-Zwicker

Original Artwork (c) Patricia George-Zwicker. Autistic Adult Artist
Soft chalk pastels. 11 X 17 inch 300 series charcoal paper.

I sat down to write an entry last night but I decided to be creative for Imbolc instead. Serious entries can wait for another day.

So while many call today, “Ground Hog Day” and wonder if Winter will be 6 more weeks long based on a rodent seeing his shadow or not, this Pagan knows the answer already – yes, winter will most definitely be another 6 weeks long.  You know why?  Because today marks the literal halfway point of winter and this season is 12 weeks long – so you do the math 🙂

Before Gregorian Calendars and Christianity – there was the moon, the stars, the sun and the sky. Of course these all still exist but our connection to them has faded as our technology increases.

I use technology, obviously, benefit from its pervasiveness but I am also made less by it and so I stay rooted in the Olde Ways.  I never want to forget how to know and mark the seasons by the Moon, Sun and the Stars.

Imbolc is a Greater Sabbat of the Wheel of the Year. Sabbats are the equivalent of “holy” days for many Pagans.  There are 8 such days on the Wheel of the Year.

Imbolc is directly followed by the Full Quickening Moon this year which has even more meaning and magick attached.  Despite the snow happening here today and frozen ground and lakes, the days are getting longer and we are feeling the first stirrings of Spring.  Sheep are getting ready to become pregnant, life is beginning anew. Ideas for growth are forming, we are planning and dreaming of gardens, swimming, sunny days, warms nights.

So to all who celebrate the Olde Ways, and even those who don’t too – Brightest of Blessings. Starkness has its own type of beauty, there’s silence and healing in the stasis of these long winter days and nights. We are half way there – enjoy this time for it will never be again.

~ Patricia