Day 36 – HIS name was Kayden Clarke.

Trigger warning: murder of autistic trans person.

This is was Kayden Clarke. I will not be deadnaming him. If you didn’t know and initially posted using another name then you didn’t know, but you do know so please make sure to correct it and help others keep on track. Kayden will be respected in death in a way he wasn’t and deserved to be, in life.

I’ve had a Ladybug around me all night. I’ve had to stop what I was doing several times so the Ladybug could crawl on and over me.

I don’t know if Ladybugs mean anything to Kayden, but he certainly means a lot to me and a lot of others who see themselves in his struggle, despite our paths not crossing.

Like so many others who I share this Autistic neurology with, when one of us is murdered it is felt like a shock wave and effects a lot of people.

There is a lot of grief tonight about and for Kayden Clarke. Maybe those who think we have no empathy tell themselves that so they can turn away from just how much this effects us. The fear is tangible. It has changed me and how I will communicate with people about how I am truly feeling.

Twitter has several hashtags and is providing a place for grief to be shared.

Lots of people sharing on twitter. I’m glad to see such a pushback to make sure he is remembered in the way he was figting to so hard to live.

We have to stop pushing people to the point of wishing they were dead because they can’t be themselves. When you finally know who you are and you have to fight so hard to get to that place – it’s just too much. I struggle every day because I know who I am now but I have to fight so hard to justify this tiny space I want to be me while I am here.

It’s exhausting. News like this should make us all sit up and notice and want to stop this from happening again.

Day 36 of 366 – This is Autistic me 2016



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